Successful service leaders across a variety of industries build powerful programs upon three fundamental components: Standards, Awareness and Accountability.


The leaders in service are clear about their interpretation of service and can articulate it in a way that is a) understood by all employees, b) minimizes “outside of the standard” interpretations, is c) enforceable by management and d) supports employee self- management.


Each employee must understand the standards and be trained to deliver that service within the context of those standards before improved customer service

can be consistently delivered. A continuous training effort encourages improvements and employee independence.


Once the standards are declared and employees agree to uphold the standards through impeccable service practices, “deviations from standard” are easily recognized by management and staff. Corrective action is clearer and more streamlined.

Service Silverback will help you define explicit commitments that articulate newly defined standards, keeping those standards present in everyday work and holding each team member accountable.