Service Silverback

Ironically, I've never been formally trained for a single position in my career. Ever. I learned about how to do my jobs through observing, questioning and making mistakes at a high rate of speed!


Building foundations of service for others became my calling...


From humble beginnings to a corner office at Oracle Corporation to boutique consulting firms, I'm here to move you into a strong competitive position.


My entire career has been figuring things out, doing things supposedly smarter people couldn't and creating new opportunities across a variety of industries including tech, hospitality, training/consulting, construction, senior health care and assisted living.  I'm an underdog, a scrapper, a dog on a mail carrier's pantleg — and I'm here for you.

For over a quarter of a century, I've designed, facilitated and improved some terrific, traditional and experiential programs which have helped people change the way they feel about themselves and as well as how they are perceived by others. 

My approach works across industries because it's based upon principles and first-hand experience. I'm no "chin-scratcher." I'm a lunchbox pragmatist who grew up in a family business where there's no place to hide.