A prestigious private country club with a discriminating membership sought leadership to steer a "Caddyshack-to-Cadillac" transformation for its Outside Golf Services group.

I analyzed “as is” operational state, identifying both best practices and operational/ behavioral opportunities to design property’s first articulated service and operational standards; these standards became the basis for the club’s first awareness-encouraging Training/Operational Handbook targeting a seasonal, high-turnover staff.


After construction, a  260-unit San Francisco residential high rise was ready to mobilize a new, resident-facing hospitality crew to replace a security company.

Ground-up analysis lead the way to refreshed Resident communication pieces and first-ever training and process reference material that reduced onboarding and produced a staggering record of error-free package and key hand-offs after 82,000+ transactions over 28 months!


A 5-star Resort was struggling with service consistency with their Valet Team. High turnover and seasonal hires diluted service for this "first touch" customer experience where expectations were exceptionally high.


When challenged with an outdated "shadowing" onboarding process, I designed a Valet Handbook blending what to do/what to say in an approachable, easy-to-read format.

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A 37-facility skilled nursing and assisted living company was losing market share and planned to decentralize the marketing function, making each facility responsible for their own individual promotion.


We secret-shopped each facility as a roadmap for designing a custom Marketing and Customer Service program. Relationship First™ combined role-playing, in-field coaching and practical marketing plan development workshops to bolster confidence.


A Sacramento banquet facility considered expanding their wedding business, wondering what the competition was offering (and charging!) soon-to-be newlyweds...


We mobilized secret shopper couples to gather the big day details, then delivered an extensive competitive analysis of those venues, right down to the colors of the napkins.

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